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commonly asked

Q. What is the main purpose of Cyber Crime Response Agency?

A. To lessen the burdens of law enforcement, by providing in depth evidence and research.

Q. What is the founding history of Cyber Crime Response Agency?

A. We were founded in Philadelphia, PA, in July of 2010, under the original name, "Teens Against Cyber Crime".

Q. Is Cyber Crime Response Agency considered a law enforcement agency?

A. No. CCRA is not a law enforcement agency. We are a mandated reporting agency, obligated to report crimes.

Q. What gives your agency the authority to research information and intelligence?

A. There are currently no laws or restrictions that prevent public data research. Our team is experienced in information collection.

Q. Can your agency send a search warrant or demand that a company give you information you need?

A. We cannot, and we use cooperation of companies. If companies are bound by policy, then we are unable to collect that specific data.

Q. Someone won't send an item I purchased online. Can you get my money back?

A. We are unable to repossess funds that are lost due to scams and fraud situations. We suggest contacting the Federal Trade Commission.

Q. How does CCRA receive funding to continue its daily mission and objectives?

A. Grants and donations are the primary source of revenue of the agency. Donations each year are tax deductible.

Q. Can CCRA make arrests on suspects in question or online predators?

A. As stated above, CCRA is not a law enforcement agency. We leave the arrests to the proper law enforcement agencies.

Q. Why do clients choose you, instead of going to their law enforcement agency?

A. Most of the time, our clients have already reported to law enforcement, but are turned away. We find the missing evidence police need.

Q. Who are the investigators and what is their experience, in Cyber Crime Response Agency?

A. Our agents are your everyday, hardworking Americans, trained by individuals with law enforcement and investigation backgrounds.

Q. Do you tell suspects of interest that you're currently investigating them, then interrogate them?

A. We do not have the authority to interrogate individuals, and we do not alert anyone of an investigation.

Q. How can I join this cause and become a part of your team?

A. Easy! Simply click here to be directed towards our volunteer recruitment page.

Q. What makes CCRA different from online watchdog and support groups?

A. Many support groups do not take into consideration the severity of a case. We maintain the integrity of our cases, in the event law

enforcement would be investigating. We never contact suspects, to prevent the destruction of a legal case.